Lamborghini Huracan

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Satiate your need for speed: rent a Lamborghini Huracan in Dubai today

For car enthusiasts, nothing gets the blood pumping more than flicking the accelerator of an exotic sports car. From the low purring of the engine to the vibrations that rumble across the body of the vehicle, the experience is uniquely exciting. This is the experience that is heightened when you rent a Lamborghini Huracan in Dubai. Step into the cockpit of this fiery supercar, and discover a new meaning to the word speed.

The Huracan: Inspired by perfection and performance

Drawing inspiration from Italian creativity and artistry, the Huracan is a new breed of Lamborghini that brings together bold, streamlined angles designed to reduce air drag and improve speed and aerodynamics. The interior is crafted to look and feel like the cockpit of an aircraft to further enhance the sensation of speed. Beyond the full-LED lighting system and 12.3 inch TFT instrument panel, there is the multi-function steering which that allows you to virtually control every aspect of the driving experience.

In terms of performance, the Huracan is powered by a 5.2 litre V10 engine that is capable of producing 602 horsepower. This masterpiece of an engine allows the Huracan to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.2 seconds and achieve a top speed of 201 miles per hour. If you want to fulfil your need for speed, this powerhouse is a perfect choice for you in Dubai.

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